What Happens When You’re Thrown A Curve?

Hi! I missed posting yesterday.  I had new windows installed in my home.  You know how much you have to do when you have new windows installed?  First you have to move all of that stuff that is in front of the windows out-of-the-way because the workers need a certain amount of clearance to do their jobs.  Besides, you don’t want dusk and debris all over your stuff.

Once you move everything, then you have to take down any existing window coverings.  There is the inevitable question, will I be able to re-hang these window coverings or do I need new ones.  Ugh.  It’s ugh already and they are not here yet to begin the installation.

Upheaval aside, buying something that enhances your property, makes it more comfortable and attractive inside and out is a good thing.  So, the installers come and immediately there are issues.  This is to be a full install, but installer has a different idea.  A full install means removing all of the existing wood framing, framing it with new wood and then adding the window.   He thought all they were suppose to do was sit the window on the existing wood frame. He has to call.  I’m right and he’s wrong and he was not a happy man. That unhappiness was apparent throughout the day.

Next issue, the measurement of the window is slightly off.  The brick had to be shaved ever so slightly.  The installer has the company call me to tell me this.  Guess I’m getting the silent treatment.  It’s okay.  I understand his frustration.  He had a plan for how to accomplish this install and he had a major curve thrown at him.

Now, in addition to the 6 windows, I was also having a new door installed.  Everything was proceeding nicely it seemed until they got ready to put the storm door back up.  It would not close with the new front door closed.  The door knobs were in the same spot. My poor frustrated installer wanted to leave the door off.  Of course, I was having none of that.

Call to the company once again. I guess he received a suggested resolution. He still wasn’t talking to me. He raised the storm door.  He had to put a piece at the bottom of the door to keep air out and make it flush again.

It was a long exhausting hot day.  The heat index was over 100 degrees.  But my poor exhausted installer and his crew finally finished at 6pm.   After all that we went through, he was finally able to smile and wish me a good day.  I offered the same to him.  He said what I already knew, “I was not prepared for the full cut out of those windows.”

Thrown a major curve, he became angry and each hiccup that occurred on this project only added to his frustration.  On such a hot day, he expended more than the normal energy because of it.

How do you handle things when something totally unexpected disrupts your routine?  Take the poll. Thanks.

Not Quite Ready

Not Quite Ready

Are you ever at that point where you want to break out?  But something is holding you back.  Not sure what it is that’s keeping you from expressing yourself.  Maybe, just maybe, you’re not quite ready.  Like the little pink peony here.  It’s opening ever so slowly.  It’s not quite ready to display its full beauty. It needs just a little more time.

Taking Notice

With all of this heat here in Chicago, one thinks back to more pleasant temperatures.  Ah, the wish for spring because it means winter is over and summer will be coming.  But in thinking about that, I remember how quickly the onset of spring disappears. You know, the budding trees, flowers just starting to poke through the soil and then it seems no sooner did it start than everything is in full bloom. We see it, but do we really stop and take notice.  Well this little bird did cause me to pause and take notice .

Thought for July 21, 2012

Tragedy strikes again.  It boggles my mind the things that people think of to harm others. What is it that makes someone want to harm people that they don’t know?  What is the thought process that leads you to look for and develop  an entire scenario to produce mayhem?

The information we learn about people who do these things seems to run along the same lines.  The words used to describe them are very telling – loners, isolated, keep to themselves, smart to brilliant, quiet.  It is just chilling.

Prior to being such a big United States, we were a community.  Everyone knew everyone and people looked out for one another.  Now in a strange way, we almost promote distance, non involvement and separation.

When one of us gets lost or is about to step over the edge, who is there to help?  If no one is paying attention and no one wants to get involved, we can’t begin to prevent what happened in Aurora, Colorado.  That is what makes the whole thing so very sad.