Thought for July 21, 2012

Tragedy strikes again.  It boggles my mind the things that people think of to harm others. What is it that makes someone want to harm people that they don’t know?  What is the thought process that leads you to look for and develop  an entire scenario to produce mayhem?

The information we learn about people who do these things seems to run along the same lines.  The words used to describe them are very telling – loners, isolated, keep to themselves, smart to brilliant, quiet.  It is just chilling.

Prior to being such a big United States, we were a community.  Everyone knew everyone and people looked out for one another.  Now in a strange way, we almost promote distance, non involvement and separation.

When one of us gets lost or is about to step over the edge, who is there to help?  If no one is paying attention and no one wants to get involved, we can’t begin to prevent what happened in Aurora, Colorado.  That is what makes the whole thing so very sad.