The Tale of Joy then Disappointment

You know that feeling of excitement and anticipation went you’re waiting on the delivery of a purchase.  It’s something that you want/need.  It’s something that’s going to make a task easier to perform.  It’s going to bring pleasure on some level.  Well that’s the feeling that I had as I awaited the delivery of my new laptop.  I had everything all planned.  This laptop will handle all of my photography.  When I open it up and turn it on, no other distractions.  No word processing programs, spreadsheets or database, only programs that assist me in working on my photos.

So the delivery comes a day early.  Unfortunately, I’m not home.  So now the anticipation is really high.  The thoughts are rolling around in my head. “It came.  I wasn’t here.”  “Hope they will try again tomorrow.”  “Of course they will.  They always come back the next day.”  “No need to worry, you know the drivers on the route and they know you.  Rest easy.”

Tomorrow comes.  Sitting and glancing out the window as I work.  Driver usually comes around 11 am.  11 am comes and goes.  11:30, noon, 12:30, oh, there’s the truck.  Here he comes.  No need for him to ring the doorbell, I am waiting at the door.

I can’t  wait to get it open and get started.  I finish the project I’m working on and start the process of pulling it out of the box,  It looks awesome.  It’s lightweight too.

Turn it on and begin the setup process.  While it’s downloading and installing  updates.  I’m removing all of my photographic software from my desktop computer.

It’s done with the updating.  I install my security software first.  Now I put in the disk to load Photoshop. SYSTEM CRASHES.  No, I’m in disbelief.  I must have done something wrong.  Restart the computer.   I’ll try a different disk.  I try Lightroom this time.  SYSTEM CRASHES.  No, this is not happening. Am I tired? I’ll shut things down and start fresh in the morning.

Morning comes.  Get my regular duties out-of-the-way and start again.  I remember I was loading an upgrade disk, so I got the prior version.  That was probably the problem.  Everything is going to work out.  Disk in.  It’s reading it.  Click run setup.  SYSTEM CRASHES.

Is the problem with the software or the laptop?  Well, let’s contact support for the laptop.  I go to the website and plug-in the serial number. It’s a different model than I ordered and it says WARRANTY EXPIRED. That’s curious.

Well, I have to call, but I didn’t wait long to speak with a representative.  I explained the problem and gave him the serial number, he asked me if it was a brand new computer. Calmly, but not feeling so calm, I answered yes. He asked for the product number.  I needed to remove the battery to find it.  There it was.  This was not the model I ordered.  This was a different laptop.

I guess the gentleman could hear the angst in my voice.  He said don’t worry, we will straighten this out.  He apologized many times for the inconvenience and proceeded to write an order for a different laptop with the same configuration as the one I ordered.  He would later give me the number for customer service to report the problem so I could return the laptop in my possession and get a refund.  The new laptop will cost me $5 less than the one I ordered originally. I guess that’s a bonus.

The ship date for the new laptop is August 10th.  This is a major curve in my plans. Can I function without reloading all of that software back on my desktop computer? Well, we shall see.

One thing is very clear. I am deeply disappointed.  The excitement and anticipation that I felt originally is not there as I await the replacement laptop.

I found this photo of  a daylily which started out with promise and then wilted at the tips.  There is still hope for the other buds and hope for the replacement laptop.

Daylily Disappointment