Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Removing family and good health from the equation,  I asked myself what is the one thing that I really would not want to part with. All I had to do was glance to my right.  I always wanted to play the piano as a little kid.  My parents could not afford the lessons.  They did later buy me a piano as a wedding gift.  By that time I was so busy with my career, I could only sit and pluck a few notes from time to time. The first thing I did when I retired was take piano lessons and thrilled that I did. I love music. It’s as much a part of me as breathing.

Weekly Photo Challenge Treasure

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

  1. I began playing the piano when I was six years. I stopped when I went to the university. I have begun again when I was thirty. It is a great fun and a real pleasure. was’nt to difficult for you to learn to play being adult? I like your piano! 🙂


    • I was fortunate to find an excellent piano teacher when I started taking lessons. She had me playing Chopin and Beethoven in no time. I found that my “pinkie” on both hands were not very strong, so it made some pieces rough. It would have been better if I started younger while my hands were still developing.


    • I have the book Hanon’s 60 exercises. Each time I mastered one, my teacher added another. They do help the movement of your fingers. I stopped taking lessons when I knew my fingers were not going to get any stronger. I sit down and play pieces that I really like or popular tunes with my own interpretation.


    • I do love the Moonlight Sonata. When I sit down sometimes for just a few minutes, that is what I play. If more time it is always the last thing I play. It is so soothing.


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