About RCC

I am a retiree.  I live in Chicago and I now spend my time doing some of the things I never got to do while I was working.  I’m not a traveler.  I did a good deal of traveling when I was working.  I’m very happy not to have to pack a suit case, catch an airplane and spend a few nights in a hotel.  In addition to catching airplanes,  I did a lot of driving as well.  At one point I was driving 164 miles a day.  While I like my car, it spends the majority of its time in the garage.

I love taking pictures and because there is a lot to see and do right here in my home town, I don’t feel a particular need to leave.  I call this Random Thoughts because I have a lot of them.  I don’t have a particular subject that I want to focus on. Occasionally, I may write something.  I hope someone will read it.   Rather than put the focus on my words, I’m just going to let my photos speak for me.  Please click on them for a larger view.

 I  use many of my photos to create greeting cards and calendars.

Please note, all posted photos are on file with U.S. Copyright Office.  Use without permission is illegal. Thanks for respecting my work by not copying it.

26 thoughts on “About RCC

    • I have to say that it has been a blast. I am very blessed that I was able to retire in my 50’s. So, I’ve had a few years to dibble and dabble in all the activities I wanted to do.


  1. Hello to you! I know retirement allows for a number of new freedoms and opportunities. I had to retire early, (nerve damage in my legs), but learned to enjoy it in times.

    Thanks for dropping in on my blog, and success to you as you continue in your new life.



  2. I am impressed with your close ups. I don’t have the skill. I have a brand new digital camera, but still prefer my iPhone. I would like to take more picks now that I am semi-retire and have them time. I just set the camera on auto and shoot. It has a macro button, but I don’t know how to use it. I read the manual, but my close ups still come out fuzzy and out of focus.


    • Thank you for the compliment and for deciding to follow me. It may be that you are getting too close to the subject and that’s the reason it is fuzzy or your hand is moving ever so slightly. When I get a new camera, I usually take a couple of shots in the house to get the hang of things. Focus on something small. Make sure it is clear in the viewer, relax and then snap. Take care!


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