Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

I’ve grown many lilies in my yard, but never had one with this coloring. I planted a new batch of lilies 2 years ago. This was a part of that batch. These did not appear last summer and this color was not among the ones I purchased.  So, either someone dropped a different bulb in my box or this is a mutant. In any case, it was an unusual color for me.

Change into Something Different

The one constant in life is change. Everyday in every way there is change.   Simple to do with a photo. My lily as I shot it and my lily with a geometric shape applied to it.  They are the same flower with very different looks.  Are we like that as well?  The same person but with very different looks.

Not Quite Ready

Not Quite Ready

Are you ever at that point where you want to break out?  But something is holding you back.  Not sure what it is that’s keeping you from expressing yourself.  Maybe, just maybe, you’re not quite ready.  Like the little pink peony here.  It’s opening ever so slowly.  It’s not quite ready to display its full beauty. It needs just a little more time.

Taking Notice

With all of this heat here in Chicago, one thinks back to more pleasant temperatures.  Ah, the wish for spring because it means winter is over and summer will be coming.  But in thinking about that, I remember how quickly the onset of spring disappears. You know, the budding trees, flowers just starting to poke through the soil and then it seems no sooner did it start than everything is in full bloom. We see it, but do we really stop and take notice.  Well this little bird did cause me to pause and take notice .