Digital Paintings

When I started this blog, I was posting almost daily, a photo of something that represented what I was thinking or feeling on that particular day.  Then every day life intruded and I decided to focus on responding to the Weekly Photo Challenges. I enjoy finding taking a photo that fits the theme.  The weekly photo challenges have also encouraged me to look at the world around me in terms of symmetry, depth of field, descent, motion, etc.

Now I’ve embarked on a new phase – digital paintings.  I love transforming some of my photos into paintings.  Most of the one’s I’ve chosen to paint, are not ones that I would have posted.  I hope you enjoy what you see as much as I enjoy creating these new looks.

They are an Older Adult’s Illusions of Creativity. I have started a new site which contains only my Illusions of Creativity. The link is It has most of these images and a couple of different ones. As soon as I get everything moved, I will delete this page and establish a link to that site on my menu.


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