Thank You

 I set this page up to say thank you to people who visited my blog, liked a post and I could not figure out how to make a “Thank You” comment on their blog.  Please don’t laugh.  I can take pictures, but navigating through the blog world is a whole new adventure.  It took me awhile to set up the “follow” item on my blog.  It was only after I followed myself that I got it going.  Please stop laughing so loud.  I’m still working on how to stop following me.

Update 10/11/12 – Some have told me that I don’t need to say “Thank You” for the like of one of my posts.  However, I feel compelled to thank the individual who took time to look at what I posted and to find pleasure in what they saw.  I have in turn set up my page to reflect places that I visited and liked.  That is another way for me to say “Thank You”.  I finally figured out how to unfollow myself. Whoopee!

Anyway, to the real purpose of this page.

Thanks to everyone below for coming.  I appreciate the encouragement that all visitors bring to me by stopping by my blog.

Now these individuals stopped by, but they did not provide a URL so I can’t tell you where you can go to see their work.

1. Selma Ramos

2. Angie

2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I am not laughing, I am laughing with you. It’s very kind of you to come by and take a moment to say Thank you for the visit. I say the same thing to you. Keep calm and keep on blogging.


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